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Inclusive programs facilitate inclusion for all. I believe that everyone has a place and everyone belongs. Unfortunately many individuals do not feel a sense of belonging and many do not know how to make the necessary social connections.

Mary Brake’s Inclusive Programs facilitate

  • inclusion of individuals who are otherwise marginalised and often isolated
  • Improved quality of life through engagement, enjoyment and fun!
  • Music-based activities where success of all participants is planned for and self-esteem is enhanced.
  • A safe and secure environment that promotes confidence encouraging individuals to 'risk-take' - and thereby move forward.

Mary Brake’s Inclusive Programs provides individuals with disabilities experiences they are often denied, such as

  • Active participation
  • empowerment
  • being in control
  • being a leader
  • choice and decision making
  • Feelings of belonging to a community
  • Success!!
  • Esteem
  • Acknowledgement

Mary Brake’s Inclusive Programs is based in northern Tasmania; however programs are adopted and embedded in many schools throughout the state and also nationally. Through the recent publication of her book Your Stage, Mary Brake’s Inclusive Programs have been embraced internationally.

…I was completely blown away and in awe by your presentation…I was so moved by what was presented that I was close to tears on a number of occasions… had an amazing impact on me… 
It would be wonderful if a program was made available for teachers to implement the ideas you presented to us, as I feel that many children would benefit greatly.

Natalie Walker, Family Day Care.

Our Book

Our Stage - Click here to view more information!

Your Stage

  • Especially designed program for inclusion;
  • Provides opportunities for each individual to shine in their special moment;
  • Based in music – providing energy, structure, and repetition     [ more info ]
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